TEENFIT is a unique Health & Fitness program exclusively for TEENS!

👉Run by a qualified Female & Male Mentors this group based program focuses on wellness inside and out

👉TEENFIT is designed for TEENS of all Health & Fitness levels, offering motivation without intimidation

👉Our separate Male & Female group classes ensures the TEENS feel comfortable in the environment

👉TEENFIT caters for those who have exercised before & those who never have, everyone is welcome

👉TEENFIT  is included in your Berry Fitness Centre 24|7 membership


Was born out of the desire to help both Male & Female Teenagers make the connection between their lifestyle habits, energy levels, physical fitness, school performance, mood swings, skin problems and health & wellness issues.



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Thank you so much, I have really taken a lot away from the TEENFIT program and have loved getting to know all the girls in the group. It has given me a better insight into Fitness and just how important it really is and also how good you feel after you have improved on it. Thank you!


Thanks for a great program, he has loved it. He is demanding salad for dinner every night now. He would love to continue to a session every week moving forward. Thanks again 


Thank you so much for teaching us for the last few weeks’ ways to be healthier, more active and making better decisions in our lives. I am so grateful you have given up your time to help us it has been so much fun, I can’t wait for the next round.


I cannot thank you enough for tonight, we thoroughly enjoyed it & I can tell he got a lot out of it. Absolutely perfect timing with high school looming on Wednesday which he is really apprehensive about. It was great listening to all the TEENFIT mentors talk.


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