ARE you ready to BHappy BHealthy BYou?

Are you ready to get yourself a health and wellness package that doesn’t just focus on your weight? If you’ve been thinking about making a change for a while, move on over and let us through. Our 6 week BHealthy Challenge is your starting point to get out of your own way and commit to making the changes you’re 100% capable of.

The BHealthy Challenge is available to members* and non members. It runs for 6 weeks total from start date, no late starts or extensions. Weekly direct debits or paid in full options* Non refundable. Don’t worry, we will have your back 100% of the way.

What’s in it for you?

next challenge coming mid 2024!


  • Information session so you know all the ins and outs before getting started
  • 6 x 30 minute Personal Training sessions- allowing for 1 session per week
  • Personalised 6-week Gym Exercise program
  • Group Nutrition workshop
  • FREE assessment from Back in Motion Aspendale Gardens
  • Access to over 25 Group Fitness Classes a week
  • Full FOB 24|7 Gym Access
  • A Full Body Composition Analysis at the beginning, middle and the end of your challenge
  • Nutrition support & guidance including recipes, tips & education
  • DIY home workouts to compliment your Gym program
  • Before, during & after photos of your transformation
  • A Challenger card to track your progress, activity, thoughts & feelings
  • A Welcome pack to be collected at your first visit that is equipped with all the tools you need
  • Custom Berry Fitness 24|7 Beanie OR cap
  • All this for only $99 per week!
*for the paid in full option please contact us directly. *Already a Berry Fitness 24|7 member & want to jump on the Challenge train? GREAT – your current membership will go on hold from the challenge start date and continue as normal post challenge!



I joined the challenge just before the onset of the pandemic, and little did I know how much it would positively impact my life. Through it all, I’ve managed to retain the core principles and foundations of training that I learned during that time. Those early lessons instilled in me the importance of healthy, holistic lifestyle habits that I continue to embrace to this day. The challenge taught me the significance of nourishing my body with whole foods and ensuring that I fuel it properly.

What truly shifted my perspective was the emphasis on moving away from the scale-centric mindset to focusing on elements like strength and stability. This change in approach resonated deeply with me. The most profound message I took away from the program, which remains at the heart of my health and fitness journey, is that it’s not about the numbers on the scale, but rather how I feel in my body each day.


As a past challenge participant and winner from completing 2 different challenges, I highly recommend the BERRYFIT 6 week challenge. For me it was a reminder that as a working mum I needed to re-group and put some focus on myself.

Having lost a large amount of weight, I sometimes lose sight of just how capable I am and how much my fitness matters and also what it does for my mental health. To have this extremely supportive group cheering me on and singing your praises of success and encouragement was vital.

I think anyone who is seeking some new personal appreciation should do this challenge, not just for weight loss, but for general health, mental health and improved fitness.


I took on the Berry 6 week challenge in 2020 and I learnt how to fuel my body correctly, giving me lasting energy throughout the day. Having the expertise of a Personal Trainer who guided me towards my goals of feeling stronger and fitter was exactly what i was looking for to enable me to improve & assist with my netball.

Having a community of supportive people going through the same program, challenges and wins with me was so motivating and helped push me and challenge me when things started to get tough.

The Berry Fitness 6 Week Challenge isn’t just about Weight Loss. It’s about achieving your individual goals and learning how to live a healthy lifestyle without counting calories or sacrificing the fun stuff.