Year started in the industry



Getting to know Cassie

Cassie is sporting a little extra hard wear on her left hand, after recently becoming Engaged on Jan 25th 2019.

While Cassie’s focus has always been on training her clients for their special occasions, you might see her around doing the same thing for herself now! With a 2019 Wedding date already set, there is no time for messing around.

Do you have any wedding or marriage advice? We are sure she’d love all the advice she can get. Grab Cassie and congratulate her on your next visit.

Outside of the newly engaged world Cassie has an almost 5 year old Black Lab named Frankie who runs her household as an only child/spoiled puppy. She also has three adorable nieces who love spending time at Aunty Cass’s house on the weekends. You will probably hear Cassie before you see her as he voice does seem to travel, especially when she steps foot inside the Group Fitness Room to take her weekly classes!

Cassie loves a chat and nothing is ever too much, so if you’re not familiar with her yet go and have a chat at any time. If she’s not on the Floor training her clients or in the Group Fitness Room you will find her hidden away in the Office with Brad and Shea.

Personal Exercise Mantra

“You will get the most out of each and every training session with me by ensuring you are moving your body the way we were born too, allowing you to progress without injury. I am a technique and posture master who will correct you until it becomes second nature. Weight Loss. Strength & Performance come from moving regularly, correctly & with commitment!! If you’ve got that, I’ve got the rest covered! – Cassie”

Fav Song/Artist

Too many to pick from – I’m a 90’s live music kind of girl.

Fav Quote

Strong Mind, Strong Body.

Move like you were born too