Suspension is discounted to $5 per week instead of your normal membership fee. Minimum period allowed for suspension is 1 week and maximum period of 2 months at a time for suspension on any membership.

Request for suspension time is to be made at least 1 day prior to suspension date, as they cannot be backdated.                No extra time will be added for late returns if there has been no prior notification.

Suspensions can only be processed by completing the suspension form below & are subject to management approval.

Suspension forms are only valid if they include, REASON for Suspension, START date & END date.

If you return early please contact us on (03) 9772-7545 so we can reactive your access pass sooner. Your normal weekly debits will recommence once your suspension date has ended.

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Please enter your Suspension REASON plus the date you would like your Suspension to START from & the date you would like your Suspension to END on (required)

By completed this form you agree to the full terms and conditions set out in your original contract with Berry Fitness 24|7 & our debit company Debit Success