Year started in the Industry 


Get to know Vicki!

Well most of the time you will find me hanging out/walking at the beach, with the sand in my toes and the smell of the salty air. Outside of the work arena I just love hanging out with my boys (hubby and our little boy) Recently we welcomed the newest addition to the Stevenson/Priddle clan & it is our 6month old puppy Snowy..  She now rules the house!

Without sounding to much like a hippie 🙂 I Enjoy clean eating, organic wholefoods and am looking to advance my certifications in Fitness in the near future. Pretty much i am one of those people who actually walks the walk as well as talks the talk! So jump into one of my Pilates or F.I.I.T classes and Join me for some Fitness Fun!

Personal Exercise Mantra

Learn how to exhale, the inhale will take care of itself. Once you learn to control the breath, you learn to calm the mind. So just breathe!

Fav Quote

The best medicine is exercise.

Fav Song/Artist

Coldplay – A sky full of stars