1.My child is under 18, can they become a member of Berry Fitness 24|7

YES, Members can be from 14 years of age. 14-17 year olds must have Parental permission to become a member as they are required to have a guarantor for their membership. This is a separate form to be signed by both guarantor and member.

2. Guide to our Membership Fees

  • Establishment fee $10.00 – This is debited with your first installment by our debit company Debit Success to cover their establishment costs.
  • Installment $12.90 – This is debited weekly unless you request otherwise and covers 24|7 gym use, assessments, programs & classes
  • Quarterly Fee $9.95 – This is always debited on the same dates each year 1st of March, June, September & December and keeps your price at $12.90, it also allows us to keep upgrading our facilities and improving on our service (class timetables for example) *12mth paid in full members all these are incorporated into your 1 off payment.
  • Access Pass – Our door is always locked so the Access Pass provided is required every visit to gain access. For lost passes a replacement pass will be provided for a fee of $10
  • Penalty Fee  – Our debit company Debit Success charge a $10 penalty fee for any debits that fail to be processed. Should any bank/CC details change from your original agreement please advise Berry Fitness or Debit Success immediately.

3. I’m going on Holidays can I suspend my membership?

YES, Members can suspend for a maximum of 2 months and a minimum of 1 week at a time. To suspend your membership please send an email to [email protected] with your suspension dates, or chat to a team member at the Centre

4. I need to cancel my membership as I’m moving out of the area – or for any other reason. 

Please send your cancellation request through to [email protected]  , 30 days’ notice is required for all members. If you are a paid in full member your membership will end on its expiry date and no refunds are given. You will receive an SMS or email notification once your cancellation request has been processed.

5. I would like to bring a friend in to try the Gym or its Classes

Great idea! We have a few ways this can happen. They can send through their details to trial us for 7 days from our 7 day trial tab on the website, they could also send an email enquiry through our ‘Contact Us’ page or please contact us directly on (03) 9772-7545.  

*Trespass fees apply to members allowing non- members in without prior permission.

6. My Access Pass seems to have stopped working

There can be a few reasons for this, so the best thing to do is contact us at [email protected]  or contact us on (03) 9772-7545 to discuss the further.

7. What are your Staffed Hours?

Mon- Thurs 10am till 7pm  Fri 10am till 3pm & Saturday from 8am – 12pm *Please note these hours may vary on Public Holidays and over December / January Holiday periods

8. Can I just turn up to have a look around?

You can, however if you have the ability to book an appointment we do suggest this to ensure a trainer is available to meet with you when you arrive. To gain entry to Berry Fitness 24|7 please press our Doorbell or call the number on the door.

9. I’m visiting from overseas, can I use the Centre? 

You certainly can, depending on your circumstances we can discuss the best option for a membership via email [email protected] over the phone on (03) 9772-7545 or in person during staffed hours.

10. I’ve changed my contact or account details, what do I need to do? 

You have several options available to you. When you next visit the us during staffed hours you can complete a variation form, you can also provide us with the new details over the phone or via email and we can adjust them on your behalf. You can contact Debit Success directly if you like on 1800-1488-48 and they can assist you with changing them over the phone.

11. Can I train casually? 

If becoming a member is not an option for you and you wish to use our Casual training option, conditions do apply:


  • If you would like to train as a one off session it needs to be during staffed hours so a trainer can allow entry and take your details and payment (casual sessions are $15)
  • If you would like to do more than a one off session, we also offer a 10pk of casual sessions at a cheaper rate. You will then be set up with an Access Pass which allows you access to the centre 24/7 to use your sessions. You would only need to come in once during staffed hours to collect and pay for your pass.