DYNAMIC– what you’re in for!

Sweat Level: ** stars ⇔ Duration: 45 Minutes ⇔ Times: 10.30am Mon  10.30am Wed  10.30am Fri

Strength, Stability, Flexibility & Mobility, learn how to work with your own body and move how you were born to.   Complete exercises you’ve never attempted before under strict guidance from a qualified instructor and learn to trust your body and its movement! Focusing on creating DYNAMIC balance & strength throughout your entire body that will improve your day to day life!

 This Class offers a combination of progressive Yoga like | Pilates like | Fitness like | Core like | training methods! Want to get the best out of your body during your strength training sessions? Then take the leap into DYNAMIC and see how movement is your bodies best friend!

Don’t believe us? Seeing is believing. Trying is Succeeding! #JoinUs