Welcome back and welcome 2018!
We hope that you all had a lovely Christmas and New Year with family and friends and enjoyed some time off from work. It was great to see so many of you continuing to train throughout the festive season, it shows that you understand Health and Fitness is for life and how important consistency is for your goals. As always the team at Berry Fitness Centre are here to help reset if you have lost your way a little over the past few months. Just grab a trainer and book yourself in for our free programs and assessments to help get back on track!

2018 is set to bring BIG changes for Berry Fitness Centre and we thought why wait any longer to share our exciting news!

Since opening Berry Fitness Centre in 2005 Brad and the Berry team have strived to develop the reputation that Berry Fitness Centre has today.

Many Fitness fads have come and gone throughout the years but Berry Fitness Centre has stood tall and focused on our values of helping our community Feel Better Everyday & Supporting Local Business. 

Berry Fitness Centre has employed a trainer base that other gyms rival and a management team that looks at the Centre as their own. It’s because of this that we can continue to be the Premier Training Facility in the Bayside Area!

Over the years you have seen the Centre grow, not only in members but in size, equipment, staff and user experience.. The one thing that has stayed the same has been the Face of our business, Brad Berry.

| Don’t worry he’s not going anywhere |

Brad and the Berry Fitness Centre team have invested 15 years putting the Berry stamp on our local community & we will continue to ensure that the Berry brand lives strong years to come.

With the inclusion of our Support Local Partners current, past and future we have been working even harder over the past 12 months to take Berry Fitness Centre to the next level.
As a Fitness facility we feel we have you covered when it comes to what we offer and the services we provide. We encourage our members to set yourself goals to be accountable to yourself, so we as a business do the same! One of our goals and values is to ensure we continue to be the
Premier Training Facility in the Bayside Area.

So in saying that, we are excited to share with you, our valued members, past, current & future the next stage in the Berry Fitness Centre journey.

…. drum roll please…

Please welcome the New look | New feel | New Brand

Berry Fitness 24|7 is about the Berry team putting our stamp on the community, it’s about us ensuring our door is always open & that we support you & help you, to be yourself, no matter what that self looks like, feels like, wants or needs.

One of the Berry Fitness 24|7 values is to help you Feel Better | Everyday & this is represented in our vision of educating the community about the importance of lifelong health & fitness.

Berry Fitness 24|7 is a Multi level, Collaborative Fitness Facility here to help Strengthen our Community.
We offer education and guidance in all aspects of Health and Fitness and work closely with our Support Local business partners to ensure our members have the best advice from the best in the industry.

We look forward to bringing Berry Fitness 24|7 into your life and the life of your family and friends to make Bayside a stronger community.