Year started in the industry


Getting to know Brodie:

Brodie completed his Cert 3 & 4 in Fitness in 2016 & has trained 100s of clients over the last 7 years.  He’s accrued certification in nutrition & remedial massage in order to fortify & diversify his knowledge to bring a considered & well rounded approach to improving health.

Brodies approach to training is simple. 

Improve your movement & progress the variables of your exercise over time.

Personal Exercise Mantra

“Enjoy your training as much as you can, if that means tweaking your goals, so be it, you make the most progress when you enjoy the process.

Training success is about moving the needle forward. Whether it’s +5kg on the deadlift or a pain free bodyweight squat.”

Fav Quote

“The person who says ‘I can’, and the person who says ‘I can’t’, are both usually right.”

Fav Song/Artist

Led zeppelin or Metallica