Year started in the industry


Getting to know Cassie

Cassie has been at Berry Fitness for over 14 years! So it’s fair to say she lives and breaths Berry Fitness 24|7, it is pretty much her second family!

Cassie & her husband James have a little 2 year old girl, Marnie who is about to become a big sister to a little Brother in June 2023.

When on site, you will probably hear Cassie before you see her as her voice does seem to travel and you will find Cassie chatting to members out on the Gym and Group Fitness floor. Along with being the Business Development Manager at Berry Fitness 24|7, Cassie is also a Personal Trainer and has a client base of long term clients which shows her dedication and commitment to her clients professionally but also personally.

If you’re looking for a trainer that offers more than just telling you what to do, look no further. With years of experience and a passion for continual learning, Cassie offers her clients a safe place to not only achieve their goals physically but mentally aswell.


Personal Exercise Mantra

Exercise is more than just training your body, it’s about training your mind as well. Exercise should be something you look forward to, not dreed. After becoming a mother herself, Cassie has a new found respect for the effects exercise has on you on a deeper level.

Finding that time to commit to yourself, your wellness and your longevity means so much more when time becomes your enemy. Don’t let life stop you from being the best version of yourself. Step outside your mental barriers and let your body move the way you were born too.

Fav Song/Artist

Too many to pick from – I’m a 90’s live music kind of girl.

Fav Quote

Strong Mind-Strong Body.

Move like you were born too