Year started in the Industry


Get to know Dan!

If you haven’t seen Dan around Berry Fitness 24|7 throwing weights around, then do you even come to the Gym?

Sometimes you hear trainers say that they walk the walk and talk the talk, but in reality- they don’t.

If you are looking for real life motivation and dedication then the transformation that Dan has had over the past 2 years is it. We have watched him go from 115kg and 28% Body Fat down to 81kg and 12% Body Fat right before our eyes.

We call him the vanishing man.. (Not really) BUT what we do know, is that if you are looking to make LONG TERM, SUSTAINABLE & PROVEN changes, Dan is your man!

Outside of transforming his own body Dan and his Wifey of 5 years enjoy camping, hiking and hanging out at music festivals when they get the chance. They are also the proud Mum and Dad of 4 cats.. (don’t judge him)

Dan runs his own Business Innovative PT out of Berry Fitness 24|7 –  so jump on his webpage and follow his instagram for all things DAN!


Personal Exercise Mantra

I am an experienced, Personal trainer and Group Instructor who is extremely passionate and motivating.

I have an in depth understanding of weight loss, muscle building, nutrition and supplementation. Using my knowledge and skills I aim to optimise each & every clients personal results.

Available Session:

  • Boxing | Kickboxing
  • Heavy Resistance Training for building muscle
  • HITT Cardio for fat loss
  • Injury rehab & Stretching
  • Or a mix of everything!

I am located Berry Fitness 24|7 and am available on site for Personal Training, Group Training & offer FREE fitness consultations.* Contact Innovative PT for more information


*Free consultations are for new clients T's&C's apply.

Fav Quote

“The body achieves what the mind believes.”

Fav Song/Artist

BUSH -Sound of Winter