Year started in the industry


Getting to know Mallisa:

Mallisa joined the Berry Fitness Team in July 2023 and since then has overcome many personal achievements and learning curves! She has enjoyed the challenge of running a class and meeting all the new members. Mallisa joined the fitness industry in 2023, but has exercised for personal fitness since she was 16 years old, enjoying boxing classes, strength training and going for occasional runs since a young age.

Mallisa loves all things fitness and occasionally enjoys going for walks through the park or on the beach on sunny days. She has a weird obsession with pugs but owns two lovely cats named Badger and Chopstick. Maybe one day she’ll own a pug :p

Alongside working at Berry Fitness, Mallisa is currently studying her double degree in exercise sport science and nutrition. She hopes to continue on after her studies to become a dietitian but is open to all opportunities within her field and will never put down a challenge.

Personal Exercise Mantra

“Your mind gives up before your body does, keep pushing yourself! ”

“Push yourself, you’re capable of more than you think.”

“Pain demands to be felt. “

Fav Quote

“Love yourself the way you want others to love themselves. ”

Fav Song/Artist

Don’t have any, listens to everything