Year started in the industry


Getting to know Shani:

Shani is so excited to have joined the Berry Fitness team after completing her Certificate III in Fitness at the end of 2021 and she can’t wait to meet you all in class or out on the gym floor!

Having grown up doing all kinds of Martial Arts and Dance, Shani has always been passionate about anything that challenges her mind and body. She spent the last three years completing her Diploma of Dance (Elite Performance) at a full time dance school.

She love all things dancing, acting, and fitness.

Along with working at Berry Fitness, Shani also teaches dance at a local dance school in Bonbeach and is part of a dance company. This year Shani is also currently studying her Certificate IV in Fitness and is working towards becoming a qualified Personal Trainer.

In her spare time you will pretty much always find her at the beach.

Don’t be afraid to go say hi!

Personal Exercise Mantra

You’ll never know your limits if you don’t push them.

You are capable of anything if you believe you are.

Movement is self-care, self-love, and self-confidence.


Fav Quote

“There is no ‘right time’. There is just time and what you choose to do with it.”

Fav Song/Artist

Dancing in the moonlight