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Tracy ‘Tingles’ Inglis AKA Miss T walked in to sign up for the 12 week transformation challenge and said… “Hi, I’m interested in nutrition, I have IBS and I want to learn how to lift properly in the gym…Oh yeah, and I’m interested in body sculpting and muscle too” and I said “WooHoo!” and off we went skipping down the path of her first 12 week transformation program!

Tracy’s physical goals were toning up, adding some muscle and sculpting her body but it was the health goals that were really important. Tingles has suffered from IBS and although she had most of her symptoms fairly under control most of the time she would still have flare ups pretty regularly resulting in bloating and pain.

From week one of the 12 week program Tracy was like a sponge for any information I gave her but especially in regards to nutrition. In our first Nutrition Consultation I asked if she had read chapter one and she said that she had…and also every other chapter! She had read the gold edition Nutrition Manual cover to cover in the first week—I knew she was committed and was going to be a pleasure to work with! Applying all the Metabolic Nutrition principles from week one to week 12 and taking up the challenge of trying to hit 80% Nutrition compliance in her food diaries…Tracy did not have a single IBS flare up in 12 weeks. Not a bubble. Ah-May-Zing.

As you can see by the before/after pics Miss T tackled her goals like a shopping list- she ticked each one off and popped them straight in the basket. No messing around, she just got her head down and ticked every box along the way. Did she fall off the wagon and indulge in way too much Mexican Street food here and there? Yep! But rather than throwing in the towel and giving up she took on board that life and progress is not a linear process and that while she was extremely vigilant in terms of her food most of the time…kicking back and loosening up a little is actually fine too. I think that this attitude is a really valuable key to learn early on!

In the gym too Tingles squatted, pressed and lunged her way to beautifully toned physique. As the program went on she started to show visible results every week-If Im honest I was pretty envious! She worked around a quad strain injury and around some low back pain too she still managed to get phenomenal results…look at those abs! Phhhffffwt Phhhwoooo!

To say I am excited that the T-Train has signed up for round 2 of Metabolic Precision is putting it mildly. I am so happy to be starting another 12 weeks to hone and tone those lifting skills, refine her nutrition and hone this already stunning chica belle into her dream physique! Great things ahead


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