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Empower yourself 

Empower Yourself…. Sometimes all it takes is just one conversation, with one person to change your outlook on certain things. Today, I had one of those conversations.

During an assessment, which let’s be honest, know-one really looks forward to. Most of us dread the moment you jump on the scales, have the tape measure wrapped around your body and get ready to hear the smack you in the face truth as to if your hard work is paying off!

For some people this can be very daunting…. IF YOU LET IT… DON’T LET IT…LOVE YOUR BODY… So what was this conversation I had that inspired me to sit down and write about it…? It really was quite simple & short but golly gosh did it make me sit back and wonder how many people can sit back and say-  The Love Their Body?

 Me: It’s time for your assessment, let’s jump on the scales then do your measurements. Remember these numbers don’t mean that much, it’s about your progress and health on the inside- not out.

 Client: It’s Ok, I Love My Body…..

 Me: (after standing there like a stunned mullet for a moment) That’s amazing, what is it that you love?

 Client: I Love My Body…. Because it’s not sick……

That’s it, that was as simple as it was.. “I Love My Body – Because It’s Not Sick”

Inspiring ⇔  Motivational    Empowering

So many people get caught up on what the body looks like on the outside, they forget that the most important thing is what is going on, on the INSIDE… Not this client, she’s got it covered!!!  (insert round of applause here)


Our health, Organs, Blood Pressure, Oxygen levels, Body Fat % and so so much more…

empower yourself

Empower yourself

I say this with the utmost sincerity. Empower yourself.
Look in the mirror and LOVE YOUR BODY.

Love your body for your own reasons.
Love your body for what it has done for you.
Love your body for all it is yet to do you for.
Love your body for its imperfections.
Love your body before, during and after it’s changes.
Love your body for how it looks on the inside, not out!


“Loving your body only when it is in perfect shape, is like loving your kids only when they are well behaved!” 

Sometimes all it takes is a simple reminder, just one short sentence to open your eyes, another persons point of view to change yours. So open your eyes, your ears & your heart! EMPOWER YOURSELF!