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Move, Cook, Laugh, Sleep

ROUTINE – ‘a sequence of actions regularly followed.’

We all lead busy lives and tend to follow a similar routine daily, this helps us ensure everything we need to get done, gets done (most of the time anyway) Routine, is not a scary word. It doesn’t mean that if you follow one that you’re “boring” don’t run from the ‘R’ word.

Routines help us organise ourselves our loved ones and our work, let’s be honest routine helps keep most of us sane! We refer back to routines in the Health and Fitness industry a far bit. We talk about how routine creates consistency and how consistency creates results. What works for one person doesn’t work for the next & that’s ok!

CONSISTENCY – ‘consistent behaviour or treatment’

So, if you’re the type of person who likes a routine who believes that consistency shows & understands that sometimes the goal posts move so your mindset has to also? Then please, read on.

Life get’s crazy, that’s just a fact. The school holiday period is  a good example of when your routine may need to change (not vanish) So now that your cherished rug rats are at home 24|7 demanding all your time and attention, how do you stay on track? INCLUDE THEM. 

It is easy to lose track of our health and fitness goals when things get busy but it’s in those times that you need to make a conscious effort to be consistent, to create a new routine and to Move, Cook, Laugh, Sleep.

Healthy Mind – Healthy Body. Move, Cook, Laugh, Sleep

Busy times come and go in life and the School Holiday period is a stand out.

With our move, cook, laugh, sleep theory we want to help you continue to eat well & exercise. Exercise and healthy eating are one of the first things that get put on the back burner when life gets tough but it’s the one thing that will keep you going longer than you thought you could.

How can you manage to keep a semi health lifestyle when then weeks get crazy? By remembering that YOU MATTER… find that YOU TIME. Even if this “you time” includes them. Whats a better challenge than having 1 if not more, 2 legged mini humans attached to you while you try to move, cook, laugh, sleep? Don’t put unrealistic expectations on yourself. Understand and accept that your eating habits will change your exercise habits will change and so will your sleep BUT that that’s ok! HEALTH is a lifestyle not a RULE. There is not a one size fits all category when it comes to life. So don’t try and fit into one.

MOVE, COOK, LAUGH, SLEEP. Move as much as you can when you can, Cook more with your family, Laugh A LOT even if it’s at yourself & SLEEP your body recovers at rest!

SIMPLICITY – ‘the quality or condition of being easy to understand or do

K.I.S.S –  Keep it simple, silly! We are sure you’ve all heard of this acronym before, but do you use it? As humans we over complicate things by nature. It’s hard to keep things simple when life is racing 1000 miles an hour. Remember to breath. Include your kids in your busy period routine. The more they are included and engaged in what you’re doing, the less you will have to worry about them.

Check out our super SIMPLE, time EFFICIENT, kid FRIENDLY ways to stay healthy (and sane) when things get a little crazy!


  • Don’t over commit, under deliver and be disappointed
  • Set realistic, timely goals
  • Make use of what you have around you
  • Don’t exclude, include
  • Pat yourself on the back

DIY 15 min HOME WORKOUTS *click here for WORKOUTS

Get your kids involved in your exercise routine, start ’em young!

  • Cardio
  • Abs/Core
  • Leg Strength
  • Upper Body Strength

KID FRIENDLY RECIPES  *click the links below for RECIPES

Time to get their hands dirty in the kitchen! Chuck on some matching aprons and get cooking!