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Time To Love Your Bones

 When it comes to supporting bone health a healthy diet and an active lifestyle are paramount. Some of the key nutrients that help to support bone health include calcium, vitamin D, magnesium, boron, vitamin K and phosphorus.

One of the most important bone minerals is calcium. Calcium is found in milk, cheese, yoghurt, sardines, salmon (eaten with the bones), almonds, tahini (crushed sesame seeds), tofu, soy products and to a lesser extent green leafy vegetables.

Calcium requirements change with each life stage with women between the ages of 19-50 requiring 1000mg of calcium per day and 1300mg per day for women 50 years and above. Meeting your calcium requirements can be difficult to achieve so here are my top tips on how to boost your calcium intake using real whole foods.

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@natro_health_and_fitness TOP TIPS

  • Eat good quality Greek natural yoghurt- Yoghurt can be paired with fresh berries and nuts and seeds for a nutritious breakfast or snack.
  • Go nuts for nuts– Nuts and seeds are an excellent source of calcium, magnesium, healthy fats and fiber all of which help to support bone health and boost energy levels. Aim for 30gm of mixed nuts and seeds daily.
  • Eat fish with bones 2-3 times a week– Salmon patties or sardines on toast is a great way to incorporate these into your diet.
  • Replace sugary bread spreads with tahini or almond butter and for a hint of natural sweetness add sliced banana, strawberries and cinnamon.
  • Try meat free Monday– Meat free Monday provides a great opportunity to change things up in the kitchen and try meat free alternatives like tofu or tempeh. One of my favorite meals is a tofu veggie stirfry. (You will find this recipe in my Nourished By Natro e book)

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