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Physio Tips for TEENS!

TEEN TIP: Teenagers should be performing around 60 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic activity every day. Combined with that – there should be 3 strengthening sessions per week – focusing on muscle and bone strengthening.

We are all told that exercise is good, but what does it actually do?  Exercise is such an important activity at any age, however it is vital in the growing years.  But why?

Brendan Mason from Back In Motion – Aspendale Gardens gives us his TEEN TIPS 


  • Weight Control – A healthy weight and appropriate body composition reduces the development of chronic illnesses like Diabetes and high blood pressure and also reduces the risk of injuries to your body. This means that you live longer and healthier!
  • Stronger Muscles We don’t have to be body builders, but muscle strength is associated with fewer injuries, living longer and it is easier to stay active and well.
  • Stronger Bones –Peak bone mass occurs in our teenage years, and from there we lose it, girls quicker than boys. So even though it may seem like a long way away, the training you do today will keep improve your bone mass now and ultimately reduce the risk of fractures down the track.
  • Better Skin – Exercise improves blood flow, and with that it delivers nutrients to your skin and gets rid of toxins. This improves the collagen production of the skin and keeps your skin plump and a healthy colour.
  • Less Stress – Regular exercise reduces the stress hormones in your body which in results in a slower heart rate, reduced blood pressure and reduced tension. This is so important with the stresses of everyday life as a teen with school, family, friends, boyfriends/girlfriends, work and life. This also helps to promote a more restful sleep. The best way to destress is to exercise!
  • Improved Mood – Exercise has been shown to result in an increase in endorphin’s and serotonin. These chemicals are found naturally in the brain and are reduced in depression and some other mental illnesses. So by exercising we can improve these levels, reduce depression and improve our psychological state.
  • Fewer Colds – Exercise helps to improve your body’s ability to fight off infection. This results in your body being healthier and you not feeling sick and ill with colds, flu’s or other infections. This can also mean that those who exercise regularly are less likely to get Cancer and are more likely to beat Cancers.
  • More Brainpower – The brain gets more blood flow during and post exercise and as a result people can perform maths and language skills better! This has been proven in the evidence and with MRI scan’s showing the brain is open to receiving new information post exercise!

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@BerryFitnessCentre offer dedicated TEENFIT Group Fitness as part of our weekly timetable

?TEENFIT Is run by qualified Female & Male Mentors these Group Fitness Classes focus on wellness inside and out

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@BerryFitnessCentre and our #SupportLocal partner @BackInMotion Aspendale Gardens are proud to support the wellness of our local TEENS!

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CONTACT   Berry Fitness Centre for your FREE 7 day trial 

CONTACT  Back In Motion Aspendale Gardens for you FREE initial Physio Assessment

*please note, TEENS under 18 need a guarantor to consent to a training program.