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Stop putting a Band-Aid on your Health & Fitness!

It’s easy to turn a blind eye on certain things in life. To just chuck a Band-Aid on it and move on.

We tend to do this specifically in situations that are difficult, that have the potential to hurt & cause us pain and those that make us uncomfortable, challenge us & push us outside our comfort zone.

REMEMBER…. This happens everyday…. to everybody….in different situations …numerous times a day! You are not alone!

Granted, in some situations we rely on our ‘fight or flight’ response to kick in & we accept the we need to Flight for our safety. After all, we have the response in built for a reason. BUT what we do tend to do when it comes to our Health & Fitness is Flight out of laziness. Not out of fear, not because we are trying to look out for our safety. Not because there is a threat to our well-being.  In fact, it’s the complete opposite. We Flight because the thought of looking after our self can, for some be daunting! The thought that we actually have to DO SOMETHING to take care of our bodies is overwhelming.

When it comes to looking after our Health & Fitness we all know that exercise is a key factor! People tend to put Band-Aids on their bodies & ignore the fact that they must make time and priorities exercise. They choose to remain inactive, sedentary & expect their bodies to just go along for the ride without breaking down! (ahh no)

Our body can only put up with so much before showing signs of deterioration, it can only self-repair to a certain level. You have heard that age old saying- PREVENTION is BETTER than CURE well, it has stood the test of time for a reason.

 So, let’s rip that Band-Aid off and have a chat

Remember, I am talking about your Health and Fitness here… so, ask yourself the below questions & let’s be honest with your answers.

  • If it hurts – do you stop doing it?
  • If it’s hard– do you stop doing it?
  • If it makes you uncomfortable – do you stop doing it?
  • If it challenges you – do you stop doing it?
  • If it puts you outside your comfort zone – do you stop doing it?

I could go on for ages about reasons WHY people just STOP exercising all together. Whether it’s because they felt a bit of pain or discomfort. Or that it was just “too hard” or they are “too old.” Instead of actually addressing the situation, the cause and working on finding a solution… a long term, effective, solution! PEOPLE JUST STOP

STOP FLIGHTING & START FIGHTING…. Fighting for your health, for your happiness and for your wellbeing!

As trainers we see clients who differ in shape, size, fitness level, strength, motivation, injury, capability & determination. What we also see are EXCUSES. Excuses as to WHY they are unable to exercise, to do rehabilitation, to stick to a program, to sleep, eat, drink, so on & so on!

Do you sit at work and make excuses to your colleague’s as to WHY you can’t complete set tasks? (wait, don’t answer that) but really, when it comes to exercise we can find every excuse possible as to why we CAN’T do it but refuse to let ourselves see that we CAN do it… (we just don’t want to) there is a difference!

I guess what I am trying to say is YOU CAN.. Don’t let your mind control your body. Your body is one tough cookie!

Now – let’s revisit that list of questions, but this time let’s change our answers

  • If it hurts | Find out WHY don’t just stop doing the exercise, because it’s hurting for a reason & it won’t fix itself.
  • If it’s hard | Keep going! It will only get easier! Our body needs to be pushed to be able to adapt and get stronger!
  • If it makes you uncomfortable | Ask yourself WHY? Are you not doing the exercise correctly? Do you have an injury that is preventing you from doing the exercise correctly? Ask for help!
  • If it puts you outside your comfort zone | Then it won’t be your comfort zone for long! Keep going
  • If it challenges you | REPEAT REPEAT REPEAT this is where you’re going to get the results you’re after! Remember, if it doesn’t challenge you… it doesn’t change you!

So rip that Band -Aid of excuses OFF and start to look after your Health and Fitness no matter what it takes!

Ask Questions – Challenge yourself – Change yourself – Believe in yourself


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