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If I told you that what you needed to do was train smarter not harder to achieve fantastic results…would you believe me?

In fact you only need to spend around 3% of your week training in the gym and can still reap massive physical rewards, you just need to learn how.

Luke believed and took all the principles of the challenge on board and he had these results in just 12 weeks.

He previously thought he knew all he needed to know about training and food but had reached a plateau.

We slashed Lukes weekly training time in half and doubled his results in just 3 short months- Win Win!

The key to permanent results is a balance between progressive overload of the muscles enough to initiate a response but not smashing them with hours in the gym so hard that you outweigh the benefits…I call this Training Smarter not Harder.

The results speak for themselves.
No Gimmicks, No Shakes, No magic Pills
Just 12 short weeks, Real Training, Real Food – Making nutrition work for you = Real Results

Would you like results like these?


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