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ATTITUDE….The most important thing to train in the gym?

Listen up fellow readers! Silver Foster 100% Human Transformation Specialist has opened a nice ATTITUDE can of worms for us all to consider.. so sit back & have a good read!

Attitude is a Decision. It is your decision. The more I live my life. Set goals with clients. Travel through my journey and theirs the more I realise that Attitude is more important than anything.

It is more important than the training. More important than the eating. More important than past failures. More important than the Fear of Future failures. More important than Skill, Genetics, Appearance.

I have seen people with a positive & constructive attitude absolutely smash goals that I had believed were optimistic and Unachievable. Conversely, I have also seen those with a negative attitude fall way short of goals that could have and should have been reached with ease.

The only difference? Mindset and Attitude.

Your Attitude is and will determine your success or failure. It determines everything. Not just in the gym… But in life too.

The best bit? It can be cultivated. Start to sow the seeds of a positive constructive attitude now and the more you water it with time and energy the more it will grow. Just like a Bicep. It may be slow…but those guns will grow.

In the words of Charles Swindell “Our life is 10% what happens to us and 90% how we respond to what happens to us”

And so it is with you. You choose your Attitude. Choose Wisely.

Silver Foster – 100% Human 

Transformation Specialist.


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