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Do The Movement- 

Fitness is like a Career you’ve got to build it!

There are times when we read “Fitness Blogs” and wonder if the authors have ever actually trained before… There are times when we read “Fitness Blogs” and think – here we go, another Fitness guru who tells you everything you want to hear and sells you your dream body in 2 weeks…with the help of their online products, of-course! (sigh)

Then, there are times when you read “Fitness Blogs” and think…. Wow.. this guy actually gets it!!

Fitness – you’ve got to build it

The title alone got our attention and the content within got us to share it. Have a squiz at Andrew Schaeffer’s insight into


“You should think of your fitness routine the same way you would think of a career. You start small, and over time, you build. Along the way you gain experience, learn new skills, and tread into new territory. The accumulation and compounding of all of these things over time is what brings you to the top.”




Remember….. “Stay dedicated, it’s not going to happen over night… but it WILL happen”