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Superfood Spotlight [roaring applause]


Super Food Spotlight [Roaring Applause Please] Tah-Dah…GREEN PLANTS!!!!

If you have ever been on Instagram/Pinterest or have ever spent any time with someone who has, then you will know there there are tons of reasons why Green Plant Food should play a major role in what you pop in your gob and all of them come in a 30 day Green Smoothie Challenge format [Side Note: If you are not sure what Pinterest is, It is what your girlfriend stares at for 8 hours and then serves you a salad in a mason jar with a bit of twine tied around the top]

Well, I am here to burst your Pinterest bubble and tell you that there is oh so much more to those greenies than pretending you are loving the flavour of that spinach and spiralina slop you chow down on every morning! (Yeah Yeah, I know- It’s Delicious!)



1- Almost all green plant foods are considered a superfood because they are a mighty source of Antioxidants
Yep there is that buzz word again. Antioxidants do a super job of protecting our bodies from viruses so they are pretty important to health. One of my fave quotes that I fling in the face of anyone who will listen is “ If you don’t have time for healthy eating now then you will probably have to find the time for illness later” It is these Anti Oxidants that will help you to find that health now.
Eating three or so servings of greens each and every day will provide your body with enough Anti Oxidants to keep you protected. You say Viiiidamin…I say Vitimin! Green Plants are Choca block full of vitamin A, C and E in addition to iron and zinc and a shit tonne of other super important micro minerals that you (Yep, You) NEED in your diet

2 –  Green Food is full of fibre which as a certain Mr.Cribb says “ Gently cleanses the Gastro intestinal tract” aka keeps you very freakin’ regular! Fibre intake has many more benefits than making you poo though and has been linked to lower incidence of cardiovascular disease and obesity to name a few. Also a diet high in naturally occurring plant fibre fills you up without ramping up your calorie intake which leads me to my next point…

3 – Low in Calories Baby! Yep this is probably the take away point most people will get from this post…but that’s OK, it’s a good one! Most Green foods- especially the dark leafy ones contain a lot of water and a lot of fibre and a lot of vitamins and minerals which in turn leaves them extremely low in calories. This means that you can eat a shed load of them and you don’t have to worry about gaining weight. In fact- bulking up your meals with green leafy veggies will increase the nutrition profile AND keep the calories in check- meaning you can eat more and really fill up without worrying! Win Win!

4 -Here’s another Buzz word for ya…Low Carb! Although vegetables are a carbohydrate they are a complex carbohydrate (Good Ones) and will provide you with a nice steady slow released energy- None of that Spike and Crash of blood sugars that most processed foods give you. Filling up on green foods that are so low in sugar and fibre that they can actually help to regulate your blood sugar levels…Yep, no more 3 o Clock Slump! WooHoo!

So…. as you already knew and now Re-Know…Green foods are an extremely important part of your diet. There are so so so many options to choose from and they can easily be incorporated into any meals sweet and savoury- Yep, I add spinach to my Pancakes, Smoothies, Muffins etc and they are yummo. Break out of the norm people and throw some green goodness into your culinary masterpieces! Most folks rely on the Ol’ favourites- spinach, collard greens, bok choy, cabbage and broccoli which are totally awesome but there are so many more you could try too. Like any food and food group using the widest variety of green foods is the best way to ensure that you’re consuming enough of them, and also that you are getting the full spectrum of available nutrients.

Now go out there and make salad so fresh it should live with its auntie and uncle in Bel Air! (I know…That one is a bit too corny, even for me but I couldn’t help myself!!)

A few take home points:

1. A Mojito can in some circumstances be considered a green smoothie 🙂
2. Summer is LESS THAN A HAND FULL OF months away- It’s probably time you started running and eating green s%!t.
3. You can be full of green goodness and never have to gag down a Kale and Chlorella smoothie ever again. True Story.
4. Eat Green Stuff.


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