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Superfood Spotlight [Drumroll]


Forget about the small balls of green boiledtowithinaninch mush you had served up and been forced to gag down every year at your Nanna’s Christmas dinner. Brussels sprouts are making a come back and they are no longer the fuddy duddy mushy fart balls of their traditional ancestry.

The Brussels of today are Healthy Hipsters and everybody who is anybody is eating them. Move over Broccolini…there’s a new kid on the block!

Brucey the Brussel is from the Cruciferous Family (Also known by its maiden name…The Brassica Family) and is backed up by his gang of cousins- Broccoli, Cauliflower, Kale and Cabbage. All of which are equally good for you. This is one gang you certainly want to be a part of!

In addition to the Flatulance Factor this family of vegetables is Choca Block full of a huge range of vitamins and minerals and get ready for the buzz word of the century…Antioxidants! Yep they have Antioxidants coming out of their little green ears which means that they will fight tooth and nail against the Free Radicals that are fighting tooth and nail against you!

Also…Most green veggies are SO good for you. In my years in the Fitness and Health industry Green plant food are often conspicuously absent from the diet of those who are looking to increase energy and lose weight. Coincidence? Me thinks not!

My 3 Top Tips for cooking up a storm with these Superfood Bad Boys Brussels are:

1. Slice in half. Place flat side down in a HOT pan with a little oil/butter and a lot of salt. Cook for just a minute or two until brown and caramel’y (aka slightly burnt) Take off the heat and immediately throw in 100ml water, quickly cover and sit for a minute before serving (The steam finishes them off!) Add Cumin, Coriander or Chilli to taste.

2. Heat oven. Throw whole brucey’s into a tray with olive oil and I often add a chopped fennel bulb too. Season well. Roast for 15 mins…Still crunchy. Cover in chopped fresh chilli, coriander and a squeeze of lemon. Pop in fridge and enjoy all week.

3. The whole Cruciferous Clan Salad! Thinly Slice Brussels and Red Cabbage. Chop Cauli and Broccoli small. Put in a bowl. Make an Asian style dressing -Soy, Sesame Oil, Honey, Lemon, Chilli. Pour over and give the veggies/dressing an Asian style massage (OK, doesn’t have to be Asian style-a Swedish massage will do. Just rub in the dressing!) Eat! Add dressing right before eating as if kept with dressing on…can go mushy. C’mon, Join the Brassica Bunch!

Happy Sprouting!

Silver Foster 100% Human