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Join us for 2 EXCLUSIVE TEENFIT classes every week- all included in your 24|7 Membership

About the TEENFIT progam:

TEENFIT was born out of the desire to help both Male and Female Teenagers make the connection between their lifestyle habits, energy levels, physical fitness, school performance, mood swings, skin problems, and weight & health issues.

Through many hours of consultation, it became apparent to our Support Local Business Partners that teens did not understand the impact of their daily lifestyle habits on the below focus areas.

TEENFIT offers , not only guided specific Group Exercise Classes, but encourages discussion about: choice/choices, self-grooming, real friendships, food, life’s challenges and pressures, depression, taking care of one another, respect for others and being up front and honest to your family and friends.

TEENFIT- key focus areas

Core Values




Body Image

Core Strength



Overall health and fitness

Trust and Honesty

Being your own person




Food Choices


TEENFIT Group Exercise Classes Include

Aerobic exercise for TEENS

Good for: stronger heart and lungs

Strength & Conditioning training for TEENS

Good for: stronger muscles and bones

Core, Mobility & Flexibility exercise for TEENS

Good for: stronger trunk, pelvis, lower back, better balance & Coordination

TEENFIT @BerryFitnessCentre

2 x TEENFIT Group Fitness Classes Timetabled per week all included in you 24|7 membership

Education Seminars throughout the year specifically for TEENS

Random educational handouts to encourage active lifestyles outside of the classes

Qualified & Insured Male and Female Trainers

Indoor and Outdoor training sessions

TEENFIT is proudly run by the #SupportLocal community

Berry Fitness Centre


Back In Motion Aspendale gardens

Do you have QUESTIONS about our TEENFIT program?

Please do not hesitate to Contact us on the below details

(03) 9772-7545  [email protected]


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