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THANK YOU! A big shout out to those who took part in our March 2018 Survey. Your responses ensure we continue to be the Premier Training Facility in the Bayside area.

There are only 4 days left until our Survey will close. So if you haven’t gotten around to it yet this is your last chance.
For those who have already given their feedback, please see below answers to common questions and feedback that was gathered over the past month!.


71% of people receive our newsletters and follow us on Social Media! Remember, this is the main way we communicate with members about everything #BerryFit – so if you’re not following our social pages jump on now!

If you have friends and family that don’t receive our newsletters remind them to update their email address with us!

Do you have suggestions about what you want us to share? Send us an email

WEBPAGE UPDATES! Since launching Berry Fitness 24|7 earlier this year we have been working to update both our social pages and webpage! Thanks for the feedback in regards to how we are going. This is an ongoing project and we have exciting news to share with you about new functions that are in the works…. Stay tuned, that was just a tease…

GROUP FITNESS timetable and classes are something that we review on a regular basis. We want to make sure we are bringing you what you want & when you want it. 48% of you are loving our current timetable and classes so thank you! If you ticked the “I don’t feel comfortable or confident box” now’s the time to take the first step. Join the 48% of people who are loving what we offer. Remember, they all felt like you do at one stage. Browse our Class Descriptions for more information about what the classes are all about.
Want to have a chat to our Group Fitness Instructors about what our classes offer and how they will help you? Contact Us & book in a time where we will go through our timetable one on one with you.

PERSONAL TRAINING did you know we have 8 PT’s that work at Berry Fitness 24|7? Meet our trainers & learn more about their training styles by looking through their Personal Profiles. (don’t worry updated photos are coming soon)
Want to know more about a trainer? Have feedback about a trainer? Want to train with a trainer? Want more information about our Personal Training services, prices & times? It’s as simple as giving Shea or Cassie a call or even shoot us through an email (then we will probably just call you) SIMPLES!

Our rebrand is well underway BUT still has a way to go!
Thanks for the positive feedback in regards to what we have done so far, this place is our heart and soul and your continued support means to world to us! Don’t look away, you don’t want to miss what’s coming next. (that’s right, another tease)

67% of members are aware of our Terms and Conditions, Trespassers Fees, Quarterly Fees & Safety Procedures EXCELLENT.
7% of members requested more information! Considering the SAFETY of 100% of our members is super important to us, let’s all have a refresh! Check out our Terms and Conditions here. There is even an option to print them for some night time reading if you like. If you have forgotten the SAFETY procedures that were explained to you during your induction, please come and see us for a refresh!



Do you Support Local? One of the Berry Fitness 24|7 core values is to Support Local.

We are just Locals | Supporting | Locals …. are you?

Some of you commented that you weren’t aware that we had a Support Local Partnership page. Well now’s your chance to check it out! We look to partner with local businesses that will offer our members the best of the best in their complimentary industries.

10% of you requested we contact you about our Support Local Partnership Program this is a pre-warning, you’ll hear from us soon!

We just want to say a BIG THANK YOU to each and every one of you who took the time to complete our Survey & a thank you in advance to those who are yet to do so but will now. Remember, you don’t have to wait until we do a Survey to leave us some feedback, ask us some questions, or make some suggestions – our door & emails are always open! (during staffed hours anyway). Thanks again for supporting Berry Fitness 24|7