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Over 4kgs of fat gone & a bikini body to die for

in just 90 days!


Kath ‘Pocket-Rocket-Kiwi-Fruit’ McDonald is a legend of epic proportions. Not only is she a close relation of the energiser bunny himself but she has a sense of humour that will put hairs on your chest. A full time School Teacher and Mum to hunky 15 year old Brooklyn, Kath does not typically have much time for herself.

In the past Kiwi McFruit has been a member of the gym but never had the structure, confidence or knowledge to make real change to her body shape and spent most of her resistance sessions gooning around feeling too self conscious to venture into the ‘Grunt Zone’ where the guys lifting heavy lived and would eventually gravitate back to the cardio area and her trusty treadmill. Sound familiar?

After signing up to the challenge and despite being time-poor Kath has has spent the last 12 weeks hop, skip and jumping towards her goals of liking her body and feeling schmick in a bikini. ‘Did she reach these goals’ I hear you think (Yup, I can hear the cogs of your mind spinning and whirring) Look at the photos…go on, take a look. Take a long hard look at Kath just 90 days ago compared to Kath today. Yup, just 90 days. She reached her goals-no she smashed her goals out of the park! She now loves her body and looks Red Hot!

Kath achieved these amazing results through less than 4 hours of consistent training per week.

Was her diet perfect? Nope, she fell off the wagon a few times for various essential life events (Boats full of Topless barmen and the like) but she did take on all of the nutrition advise I gave her thought the program and really enjoyed eating a healthier diet.

Did she spend 17 hours a week in the gym? Nope. Around 3% of her week was spent training. A combination of structured resistance training (Weights) and Cardio. That left 97% of her time free to do what ever she wanted.

I love love loved training this little ball of kiwi energy and have been honoured to be a part of her journey so far. I was sad when it came to an end but super chuffed when she set new amazing and exciting goals to be achieved over the upcoming months and decided to continue training with Me ! Woohoo- Cannot wait to see what the next 12 weeks of training and refining her nutrition will do…Bring on 2017!

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